June 17, 2013

How To Be Cocky and Funny Guys

How To Be Cocky and Funny Guys. There's nothing that attracts a women and makes her head spin so quickly as being cocky. Let's face it women are intoxicated by a man who not only knows he's powerful but wields his power benevolently.
Unfortunately most be guys don't know they have power and even those who do know it don't know how to use it to their advantage. Unbridled power is nothing more than a bulldozer leveling houses. Whereas controlled power harnesses even the mightiest river to produce electricity.
If you want to super charge the lady you've selected to meet and get to know you'll have to deliver your manly power in a specialized package that she'll love to take. That's where cockiness comes into play. By delivering your confidence as an aroma of headiness you'll get her attention, hold her attention, relax her, make her feel safe and dangerous at the same time. All that will allow you guide her to that place you both want to reach.
What is cockiness you may be asking yourself at this point? It's very simple. Being cocky means that you're so bold in your self confidence that you border on being brash! The confident, bold, even brash guy always gets the girl. The other guy is left to limp home on his own to watch TV.
Dating is supposed to be fun, not some chore. Stop fighting against your own natural manly power. Embrace the reality that you have the exact amount of power that she (whoever she is) is looking for. Your power matches her gentleness and empowers her to live vicariously through your cockiness.
When you're cocky, you have no fear. You walk like man, you talk like a man, and you exude masculinity that wafts through the room like the smell of your favorite meal. When you make a joke it's either good or bad. If it's good she'll love it and if it's bad you'll just wave it off, make fun of yourself and make her laugh anyway. You might even ask her to tell you a joke which will make her feel connected and powerful while causing her to have a great time.
If you learn how to control your cockiness correctly you'll be able to guide women through the playground you want them to play on and they'll love you for it! Being cocky makes you the ringmaster and everyone around you the circus. If you want to attract women and eventually bed them you'll need to show your power through your confidence because women aren't attracted to wimps.

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