September 24, 2010

Counter-Strike: Condition Zero (Effect Code)

This cheats only used for Counter-Strike: Condition Zero. How to use this cheats press ~ during game play to display the console window. Type sv_cheats 1 then restart to enable cheat mode. When the mission restarts, press ~ again, then enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.. insico

Effect Code
Change mapchangelevel <map name>
Deleted scenes missionscl_levellocks 16382
Enemies cannot see younotarget
Flight modefly
Free movementnoclip
Freeze all botsbot_stop 1
Freeze indicated time except for playermp_freeztime <number>
Full moneyimpulse 101
God modegod
Kill all botsbot_kill
List available codessv_
List mapsmaps *
Restart map with goals intactrestart
Restart roundsv_restartround 1
Set gravity valuesv_gravity <number>
Set starting moneymp_startmoney <0-16000>
Spawn indicated itemgive <name>
15 healthgive item_armor 1
15 healthgive item_healthkit 1
Full ammo for all weapons in inventorygive ammo_generic
Deleted scenescl_levellocks 16382
Restart map, do not lose goalsrestart
Warp to different locations in custom mapsscotty energize
Teammates always follow your ordersbot_allow_rogues 0
Teammates will accomplish goals themselvesbot_defer_to_human 0
Kill all botsbot_kill
Show information at bottom right+graph
Disable +graph-graph
Toggle blood thickeninggl_spriteblend <0-1>
Unlimited sprayingdecalfrequency 0
Restart after one secondsv_restartround 1
Bullets pass through wallssv_clienttrace <number>
Toggle auto-team balancemp_autoteambalance <0 or 1>
Toggle right-handed playercl_righthand <0 or 1>
Toggle allow local player to automatically kick other playersmp_autokick <0 or 1>
Toggle black screen when any player from server diesmp_fadetoblack <0 or 1>
See last deaths of players for specified secondshud_deathnoticetime <number>
Automatically buy best gun for team (AK-47 or M4A1)autobuy
Automatically kick bot or player if he kills
indicated number of hostages; set to 0 to disable
mp_hostagepenalty <number>
Toggle killing bots or players who kill teammates on next roundmp_tkpunish <0 or 1>
Display commands on left side+commandmenu
Disable command display on left side-commandmenu
Erase all whole messages in consoleclear
Execute a command by just entering the indicated letter in the consolealias "<letter>" "<console command>"
List available serverslist
Set maximum players when creating
new multiplayer game before starting a match
maxplayers <number>
Restart game after 1 secondsv_restart 1
Refresh time on the consoletimerefresh
Exit out of gamequit
Ends current session, but stay in gamedisconnect

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